Online Colleges and Universities

Some online Colleges and Universities

Online Colleges and Universities
Here is a list of some of the online colleges and universities that exist in the cyber world today. Ofcourse when in search of an online school, maybe these can help a little.

1.0. Academy of Art University

The academy of Art offers students the opportunity to tour its facilities 52 weeks a year and six days a week. If you ever intend to make a reservation you can contact them on 800.544.2787. This online school is situated in 79 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco CA.

The online courses offered at this online school is actually a hallmark of this learning institution which offers flexibility online graduate programs which can either be taken full-time or part-time depending on your individual circumstances. To learn more about this program please click here!

2.0. Allen School of Health Sciences

The Allen School is situated in 3 locations namely Brooklyn, NY, Jamaica, NY and Phoenix and fortunately has online courses too. The Allen School being one of those online colleges and universities has the following abilities such as interactive live lectures and classes, view work being demonstrated live on your computer screen and wait no more to a response to your question because in your virtual classroom you can raise your hand and speak with your instructor or classmate.

To find out more you can wither contact this online school by dialing 1 (888) 620-6745 or by simply clicking here!


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