Differences between Online Graduate Programs and On Campus

Online Graduate Programs
Here are some key differences between On-Campus and Online Graduate Programs. Pay attention, because this could be an important time when you have to make a decision.

1.0 The Setting of Online Graduate Programs

When doing online classes, students complete their classes using a computer or internet connection. Assignments and reading is accessed online which ofcourse is done independently when it is needed.

2.0 The interaction in Online Graduate Programs

When it comes to online colleges, interaction between students and lecturers is usually limited and hence some have found this to be a major drawback when doing online degree programs. The only way discussions are done online is done through online forums.

3.0 The time-table of Online Graduate Programs

Most online colleges simply set deadline for assignments tests and quizzes. This is indeed different from what you get from an on-campus graduate program.

4.0 The technology used in Online Graduate Programs

You see being a student of an online college or university requires that you have reliable internet connectivity and computer stability. In normal on-campus, some lecturers prohibit the use of cell-phones of laptops.


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