Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Colleges

Advantages of Online Colleges

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Colleges
Certainly when it comes to online colleges there is some convenience when it to the way you pursue this activity. Another thing, you have the opportunity to find time to do things which you probably wouldn't have had if you had been on-campus. There is indeed also the aspect of studying when you want and how you want. Online colleges can also be less costly if you critically come to think of it.


Disadvantages of Online Colleges

One major disadvantage of online education is being able to manage your time and schedule effectively and efficiently. There is also the aspect of not being able to communicate with colleagues or lecturers face to face because most of the times, everything is done online. You see, online education encourages communication through email and text chatting only.

Before considering Online Colleges

You need to look at your schedule and consider whether this will either encourage you to spend more time with family or friends or will deprive you that wonderful privilege. Remember,  education isn't everything in life, you have different priorities you have to attend you.


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